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Episode 16

Tips on Creating a Repeatable Onboarding Process

When you have as many different types of customers as has, there needs to be some consist...

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Episode 15

Steps to Managing a Remote Customer Success Team

Restructuring an organization’s Customer Success process is tough to do in-person. Now imagine doing...

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Episode 14

Start Speaking Your Customer’s Language

We’ve all heard it before: Communication is key. So why are businesses still so bad at it? Leigh Ham...

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Episode 13

Stopping Churn Isn’t Your Only Job

Stopping customer churn shouldn’t be a Customer Success leader’s main concern. It should be the resu...

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Episode 12

Customer Success: Does Your Product Live Up to the Hype?

Customer success is all about driving value. But that’s not limited to your customer success team. I...

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Episode 11

How Organized Customer Success Decreases Churn

Organization. It's critical to customer success in a myriad of ways. Jordan Silverman , VP of Custom...

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Episode 10

The Differences Between Account Management and Customer Success

If you think customer success and account management are the same things, you’re probably not alone....

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Episode 9

Start Involving Customer Success in Sales

Have you ever been to a party with a friend who doesn’t introduce you to anyone? So you just stand t...

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Episode 8

Empowering Entrepreneurs Takes Educational Content

Being in and around a startup can be a stressful place, especially when you’re trying to land invest...

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Episode 7

How to Generate a 360-Degree View of Your Customer

There aren’t many companies that are able to say that they have a comprehensive understanding of eac...

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Episode 6

How Sales & Customer Success Make Power Users

We’ve all heard about sales and marketing alignment. But, to enable your customers to reach their fu...

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Episode 5

Building and Measuring a Customer Success Program

Customer Success Programs are popping up at companies everywhere, and with good reason. If you aren’...

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Episode 4

Customer Care in Cybersecurity

This probably isn’t a newsflash to most of us but… the customer isn’t always right. They are, howeve...

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Episode 3

Decrease Churn: How To Shore Up Relationships

Someday, when you finally purchase that Tesla you’ve always wanted, you’ll want someone to walk you ...

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Episode 2

Customer Success: The Ambassadors of Change Management

“I think anybody in a customer success role, you really have to be an ambassador of change managemen...

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Episode 1

The Customer May Not Always Be Right, But They Should Be First

“Businesses now can't necessarily think about transactional elements. They have to think about the f...

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Episode 0

Introducing the Customer Success Leader Podcast

Flatfile introduces a podcast for customer success professionals featuring customer success leaders ...

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